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Yesterday (14-7-2006) I had a new record yield with my solar panels. On this day the solar panels generated 17 kWh. It was the perfect day, let me explain…

2500W aan zonnepanelen

As you may know, solar panels work the most efficient when it is cold and the sun is bright. Solar cells made of silicium, convert only a small amount of the solar spectrum into electricity. Solar energy largely consist of infrared light (heat) and unfortunately cannot be converted into electricity using silicium solar cells. The results is that the solar panels get hotter in the sun and the efficiency goes down. If the outside air temperature is low, or when there is wind, the panels will be cooled and the efficiency stays at an optimum.

That is the main reason why yesterday was the perfect day for my solar panels. The outside temperature was low for the time of the year with a lot of wind. The panels stayed cool. Further more the sun was bright and the day was long (long sun hours) because we are near the longest day of the year (21 june). The solar panels generated for 15 hours and 55 minutes electricity.

I have made a small overview of the daily yield of my solar panels, see table below.

Date Dag yield (kWh) Hours (hh:mm) Systeem (Wp)
14-07-2006 17.00 15:55 2500
30-06-2006 16.35 16:35 2500
17-06-2006 15.38 16:10 2500
12-06-2006 10.03 15:35 1500
11-06-2006 9.98 1500
09-06-2006 9.80 1500
06-06-2006 9.17 1500
10-05-2006 9.04 1500

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I didn’t realize that a cooler day was more optimal for solar panel energy output, esp. since most people use them in sunny climates, where it tends to be very warm in the summer. Thank you for an interesting article.

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