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citroen-c1-electric-2 The Citroen C1 car is converted into a full electric car by Electric Car Corporation PLC. The electric car has been given the name Citroen EV’ie. It has a top-speed of 60 mph and a range of 69 miles.

The Design

The car is an conversion from the gas powered Citroen C1. The combustion engine is replaced with a 30 kW electric motor. The fuel tank is replaced by 25 Lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of 16 kWh. The batteries are split between the front of the car and the old location of the fuel tank, therefore the luggage space is still available. Re-charging the batteries can take between 6 till 7 hours using a domestic 13 amp socket.

Energy Usage

The car has an energy usage of 232 Wh/mile. This is quite high compared with the other electric cars. This is not uncommon for converted cars. Cars which are designed from the start to be fully electric, like the Tesla Roadster, are more energy efficient. However, this electric car is still way more cheaper to drive per mile compared with combustion engine cars. The average US residential retail price for electricity in 2009 was $0.11 / kWh. So the price per mile is 0.232 kWh x $0.11 = $0.0255 or 2.5 dollar-cent per mile. A full “tank” (battery load) will cost you 16 kWh x $0.11 = $1.76. With these full batteries you have a range of 69 mile.



Type Conversion of combustion engine
Energy Usage 232 Wh/mile
Range 69 mile
Power 30 kW
Battery capacity 16 kWh
Battery type 25x Lithium-ion
Battery life-time 3000 charging cycles, about 7 years
Charging batteries 100% (13A) 6.5 hr
Top Speed 60 mph
Production year 2009
Available in UK
Price £16.850


The Citroen EV’ie by Electric Car Corporation


An test-drive by an electric car enthusiast in London with the Citroen EV’ie did not end well. During the test-drive 3 people where in the car and after some time the car slowed down more and more. A later analysis showed that something had run too hot. These are bad signs. Read here the whole review: Ev’ie. Another broken dream?.

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You cannot believe how long I’ve been googling for this. Browsed through 5 pages of Yahoo and Goole results without finding anything. Very first page on Bing. There you are! Really gotta start using that more often…

At the recent Paris Motor Show, Citroen have unveiled the new all-electric Citroen EV’ie concept. It has been designed as a response to the increasing number of people that are looking for an electric vehicle. Citroen are saying that this is a concept car and not a full production ready car. However, they have also said that they are going to launch an all-electric car in 2018. It’s interesting that they have given their car the literal meaning of “EV,” which is “electric vehicle.”
The Citro

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