MOOOI – Endurance test Heracleum I

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MOOOI has put an led luminaire in form of a branch of a tree, in endurance test.

This article presents the endurance test results. The test has run 25,000 hours.

Summary Measurement Data

parameter initially after 9,000 hrs endurance after 25,000 hrs endurance
Color Temperature 2694 K 2707 K 2694 K
Luminous Intensity Iv 45.2 Cd 45.0 Cd 45.8 Cd
Beam Angle 360 deg 360 deg 360 deg
Power P 13.4 W 13.7 W 13.5 W
Power Factor 0.99 0.99 0.99
Luminous Flux 459 lm 457 lm 465 lm
Luminous Efficacy 34 lm/W 33 lm/W 34 lm/W
CRI_Ra 85 84 84
Coordinates Chromaticity Diagram x=0.4610 and y=0.4114 x=0.4605 and y=0.4118 x=0.4602 and y=0.4117

Test duration and test environment

The lamp went into endurance test on 15 Nov 2012 and this intermediate reporting covers until Sept 2015.

During this period of time the lamp has seen little variation in enviromental temperatures: the temperature close to the lamp varied between 15 – 30 deg C in that period. The lamps have been in a corridor in house.

Variation of lamp parameters


The variation of the lamp parameters during the endurance test.

See the explanation on the OliNo site for more on the test method.

The extrapolation to the 70 % level of the luminous flux is not possible when using the illuminance as a measure for the luminous flux, since the value doe snot decrease.


Extrapolation of the illuminance.

See the explanation on the OliNo site for more explanation and the link to the ASSIST document for the method of extrapolation.

The extrapolation of this data until 70 % of illuminance is reached goes to very high numbers of hours. We can maximally extrapolate until 5 – 6 x the tested time, so the 70 % luminous flux quantity is expected to happen after 150,000 hours.

Color change

The color change (change in color coordinates) is measured during the test period of the first 9,000 hours.

Change in color coordinates during the endurance test.

The color coordinates indicated with the red cross-hairs are the coordinates after 1000 burn hours. These are taken as reference. After 9,000 hours the color point remains inside an 1-step McAdams ellipse. This is a very good result for constancy of color.

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