Marcel van der Steen MSEE 2017_marcel
Tel (cell) +31 6 11127789
Date of birth 27 Jan 1972
Marital status Married to Àngels since 2002
Talents Communication, Responsibility, Learner, Focus and Achiever. Click for explanation.
Languages Fluent: Dutch, English. Very well: Italian, French, Catalan, German (level C1), Spanish (level B1 and practical experience).
Mission My mission is to be of service to the community and to support it by investigating new as well as known technologies for their added value, then explaining, teaching and putting them to use for the benefit of all. I do this with a lot of fun.


2006-now Owner OliNo and director OliNo Labs (measurement setup development and test execution). I measure about 1000 lamps per year, give consulation, and meaure on site.
2006-now Lamp measurement specialist at OliNo
2010-2013 Product specialist, senior electrical engineer at a medical company.
2003-2011 Manager Product Quality and Maintenance at a medical company.
2008-2009 Project Manager Medical Subsystems at a medical company.
2007-2010 Project Manager Sustainable Energy at Windcooperation De Windvogel.
1997-2003 LabVIEW architect and – programmer of automatic testsystems at a medical company.
1996-1997 Researcher in Field Oriented Torque Control. Practical implementation for Train Traction at Ansaldo, Napoly, Italy.


2020 LowVoltageDirective Basic principles and design Certificate
2016 Photometrie für Anwender, German light photometry course in German Measurement Institute PTB in Braunschweig, certificate
2014 Summercourse German in Tübingen certificate C1
2013 Commissioning and testing PV installations Certificate
2012 Hogere VerlichtingsKunde certificate and grade Higher-education-level-course on illumination
2010 Elektor workshop Eagle
2010 Beginners course Dialux (C-317) and advanced (C-319)
2010 Level I exam Infrared camera measurement techniques (IRT) and ISO exam of BINDT (see also certificate of competence).
2010 Flowcode programming, beginner and advanced (microcontrollers) Elektor course
1990-1996 Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Eindhoven, University of Technology


Sports Ballroom, Latin, Rock’n Roll, Argentinian Tango (Le Haen) and Salsa/Merengue (salsa Paradiso, salsa Pati), Steps (Cardo) and Zumba (Cardo) 2009_m_and_a_cincinnati
Eating and Drinking Coffee (decaf), (whole wheat) bread, garlic, eating out (rustic atmosphere), red wine, spicy food
Vacations Reading (technical stuff, learning), discussions with other cultures, cruises over the world, eat well and pleasantly, drinking and dancing, visit family-in-law in Spain, have fun, enjoy nice sunny warm weather 2009_10_caricature_marcel
Hobby My OliNo work; automating with LabVIEW, learning about light, learning about all types of sensors, define prepare and execute tests, advice/consult, programming uControllers (C, FlowCode), IR camera (level I examen) lv_bm_ana