Let start a civilization which provides for its energy using renewable energy. Our organisation will contribute to reach this goal. We found an appropriate name for our organisation, OliNo, which is a word joke for No Oil! It is a combination of two Catalan words:”Oli” and “No”. Together they mean “Oil No!” indicating that oil should not be used as combustion to generate energy.


The picture below makes it clear that there is more than enough renewable energy available.

Source: New renewable energy sources, Norway

The most logical choice is to use the enormous amount of solar energy what we receive each year (see big yellow cube). This is the most fair choice to make regarding our children and for all people on planet Earth.

We need to quickly shift to renewable energysources, a shortage on fossile fuel is approaching very fast. More information about PeakOil can be found on the website The Oil Drum


The ways how we want to follow our mission are not fixed, but will be extended / changed during time. For now we have the following actions:


  • We search for means to use renewable energy sources for our own usage (Want to improve the world, start with yourself).
  • We create awareness about the energy problems (inform each other)
  • We publish examples on renewable power generation (help each other)
  • We publish examples how to save energy (help each other)
  • We are open for your help, ideas and improvements. We offer you the opportunity to share your ideas.