High reliability

For the measurements at OliNo we use most modern measuring equipment. We control our equipment by round robin every 3 months. In the case of alleged deviations, they are calibrated by a recognized institute. Below is an overview of the measuring equipment.

Color Spectrum Measurements

For our color spectrum measurements, we use an advanced Color Spectrometer Jeti SpecBos 1211.

Model with UV and without UV option available. Measurements possible in luminance (edge) as well as illuminance (irradiance).

Headers available for determination of blue light damage classifications groups 0, 1 and 2/3.

kleurspectrometer Jeti SpecBos 1211
Specbos 1201 Spectro-Radiometer

Illuminance measurement

The illuminance sensor is from Czibula & Grundmann.

Class L and temperature stabilized.

Equipped with a specific holder with interchangeable horns (with different viewing angles) for maximum reduction of stray light.

Illuminance sensor from Czibula & Grundmann

Power Supplies

A Keysight 6813B power supply is used to control lamps. This allows a programmed voltage or current (both AC and DC) to be delivered up to a maximum of 1700 VA.

For LED chips only testing with short current pulse delta electronics power supply is used 120-13.

The Keysight 6813B and Delta 120-13 power supplies

Thermo Electric Cooler

A Thermo Electric Cooler with a cooling capacity of up to 160W is also available for testing on LED chips.

Thermo Electric Cooler

Current and Voltage Measurements

Current and voltage are measured by means of CompactDaq modules from National Instruments. 24-bit converters for currents from 0 – 5 A and voltage up to 425V.
Also modules available for currents up to 20 A and 600 V, these are then updated in this unit.

This unit is expandable with modules for temperature measurements, CAN bus control, relay outputs etc.

CompactDaq modules from National Instruments

Measuring Robots

OliNo has two identical measuring robots that are controlled entirely automatically. The measuring robot is equipped with two powerful stepping motors for turning the base plate and tilting it. Lamps are mounted on the base plate. A hollow shaft runs through to the base plate to connect the cables for power supply etc to the lamp. Cables for the control of, for example, the thermo electric cooler can also pass through so that the measurement with movements can take place without any cables getting in the way.