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Professional Lamp Measurements

Are you interested in professionally measuring the latest energy-saving lamps? OliNo offers this service for everyone. We are very complete in measuring the lamps and in a standard measurement report includes: lumen total, color temperature, efficiency, power consumption, power factor, degree of flashing, SP ratio, PAR value, eulumdat photometric file, influence day-night rhythm, blue light hazard grouping, x, y value, EU classification, InfraRed measurements, start-up behavior, voltage dependency behavior. See also the many examples on this site. We offer a discount if you help realize our mission by allowing the measurement data to be published. See prices for the details.

Measuring equipment

For the measurements at OliNo we use very suitable measuring equipment. More information can be found on the measuring equipment page. For our light measurements, we use two automated computer controlled robots.

kleurspectrometer Jeti SpecBos 1211
Kleurspectrometer Specbos 1211UV
De geautomatiseerde door een computer aangestuurde robot

Own risk

Measuring lamps is at your own risk. At OliNo we exercise extreme care and caution with the lamps when carrying out the lamp measurements. The chance that something goes wrong is therefore extremely small. However, if a lamp breaks down while it is in the possession of OliNo then OliNo is not liable for the damage.

Promotion measurement

When choosing a promotional measurement, the measurement report is published on the OliNo website with a link to your own website. The corresponding lamp is also promoted on the Lamp Portal with a link to your website. To promote lamps, you need a promotional subscription. With a promotional measurement you also get a substantial discount on every lamp measurement.

Confidential measurement

When choosing a confidential measurement, the measurements remain confidential and do not appear publicly on the OliNo website. This is ideal for prototype developments or test lamps.

Lamps Endurance Tests

We often come across packaging from, for example, LED lighting that should last at least 30,000-50,000 hours. But is that really true? It is indeed possible that a well-designed LED lamp should last 10 years. However, you will need a very good lamp design. It is of crucial importance in an LED lamp that the heat is properly dissipated. If this does not happen, the life of the LED will deteriorate considerably. The quality of the electronics is also important. But how do you know if you are dealing with a good lamp that lasts a long time? To get more insight into this, you can test long-term lamps at OliNo.


If there are any ambiguities about the measurement results or if there are differences with regard to your own measurement data, we are always prepared to discuss this.

Dimmable lamps

If a manufacturer or supplier indicates that it is a dimmable light, then we can also test this. To this end, we use a dimmer that works through phase-cut and phase cut-off. The dimmer is placed in 9 different positions corresponding to certain mechanical positions (compare with a dimmer in the wall, which is set to a certain position with turning). For each dimming position, the amount of light (luminous flux), the consumed power (watt), the color temperature (K) and the efficiency of the lamp are expressed in percent relative to the undimmed lamp. The results are displayed together in a clear graph.

The dimmability of the lamp is extensively tested

High accuracy

For a normal measurement, the measuring robot makes steps of 1 or 5 degrees for the tilt angles (gamma angles) and rotation angles (C-planes). This already provides 6500 measurements for an accurate light distribution. For larger lamps or to choices, measurements can be made in which every 1 degree angle of rotation is measured. Then photometric files such as eulumdat and ies can contain up to 35,000 measured values.

Convert eulumdat files

Once a measurement has been done we have the eulumdat file. It is possible to re-calculate a new eulumdat file for you defining an angle and a change in light emitting surface.

Example: one panel has been measured of 60 x 60 cm. The eulumdat file is available. Now the customer wants to see the results when dividing this panel in two parts and putting these in an angle of 15 degrees towards each other, such that they form a roof when looked it it from the side. The resulting eulumdat file can be approximated by using our recalculation service.

See in the example a light distribution pattern of the lamp: leftthe original and right the pattern when turned 90 degrees and then inclined 10 degrees.

Zo kunnen dus nieuwe eulumdat files berekend worden op aanvraag.


Service (prices for single measurements. If more at once, ask for prices)Price
Full promotion measurement incl Eulumdat. Delivery of link towards the measurement results within 1 week (note this requires an subscription).€ 165 – 215 */**
Eulumdat only. Delivery within 1 week.€ 165 – 215 **
Confidential Full Measurement incl Eulumdat – Fast Track. Delivery of link towards the measurement results within 1 week.€ 215 – 265 **
Extra Options
Dim-ability test.€ 40
Sending back lamps. Handling fee 15 euros per package to be sent back. Plus the shipping costs.tbd
Option: PDF report in Dutch, English, Spanish, French, German€ 14 per language
Option: UGR table in PDF format€ 10
Endurance testing (6000hr, ASSIST)starting from € 400
Determination LORL of luminaireon request
Single measurements (Flicker OR InfraRed OR PF+U+I+Harmonics)€ 40
Single measurements (CCT+CRI+ x + y)€ 50
Recalculate Eulumdat files€ 25
Convert Eulumdat IES€ 10
Create EU Energy labels from delivered eulumdat file€ 12.5 per piece / minimum 4 sets
Blue light hazard analysis plus report€ 75/piece

* Only in combination with promotion subscription
** Depends on setup time, weight and lamp dimensions
*** Actual shipping costs are charged plus 15 euro handling per three packages.


Step 1

Lamp measurement request

Step 2

Wait for confirmation

Step 3

Send the lamps

Step 4

Measurement is performed and results are sent

Step 5

Pay the invoice

Send Lamps

The lamps can be sent to the following address:

OliNo Labs
for Marcel van der Steen

Achter Oventje 25A
5411 NM Zeeland
The Netherlands


The measurement is scheduled after receiving the lamps. The duration of the measurement (outside the holiday period) is 1 week.


As soon as the lamp measurement is complete, the measurement results will be sent by email. After 5 days they automatically go online. If a promotion measurement has been chosen, the measurement report will be published on and the lamp will be shown in the Lamp Portal.

Questions about the services or requests? Contact Marcel van der Steen:, of by tel: +31 6 1112 7789