Lamp Measurements

To get more clarity and transparency in the light market, OliNo has been carrying out independent light measurements since 2007 for suppliers, manufacturers, development agencies and even for end customers. More and more companies are aware of this service and we see the number of measurements offered annually rise sharply. We now have over 1900 published measurement reports in various languages in our lamp database.

Total amount of published lamp measurements

Measurement reports, complete and thorough

A very detailed and extensive measurement report is made for each measurement. The target group for the measurement reports are suppliers, manufacturers, lighting technicians and Architects (Eulumdat files). Often we hear from our customers that the OliNo measurement reports are “best in class” in the light market.

The summary of a measurement report

Here is an example of the complete measurement report. However, the measurement reports are too technical for the average consumer or professional customer. The consumer is looking for a sustainable light source to replace his existing lamp (s) and wants to be guided without having to read all kinds of technical reports. The professional customer wants to be able to quickly search for lamps that meet the desired specifications. That is why we built the LampenPortal.

Promotion + extra discount

At the Lamp Portal, consumers and professionals can easily find all lamp measurements promoted by suppliers. With each lamp measurement you have as a supplier the choice if you want to have the lamp promoted. When choosing a promotion, your lamp is promoted on the Lamp Portal with a link to your website. The accompanying measurement reports also receive a link to your own website. To promote lamps, you need a promotional subscription. With a promotional subscription you also get a big discount on every promotion.

The Lamp Portal

 For Consumers and Professionals

Using the Retrofit Wizard, consumers can get advice to replace their old lamps. Only consumer lamps are shown here. In the Lamps Overview, consumers and professionals can specifically search for lamps in certain categories and filter out the most important measured lamp parameters. Through the link in the search results, potential customers can request the lamp detail page and from there go to the web shop or website of the supplier and then purchase the lamp.


There are many comparison websites for lamps on the internet. However, the OliNo LampenPortal is unique in this because we only compare lamps that have actually been measured by OliNo. We also show many more important parameters. This gives the visitor a fair and independent advice. Consumers and professionals can finally compare apples with apples.

Supplier Portal

Once you have a promotional subscription, you will also receive your own login account on our supplier portal. On the supplier portal you can view statistics on how often your lamps are displayed, how often they are clicked and which lamps are most popular. Click here for more information about the supplier portal.


We have a subscription for the promotion of lamps. This allows you to promote an unlimited amount of lamps and allow an unlimited amount of visitors to click through to your website. The subscription costs only € 25, – per month. 

Subscription model

Example: Project Business

Below is an example based on actually measured statistics for Project Business. In this example calculation you can see what the promotion costs are and the additional revenue that can be achieved with this.


The minimum duration of the promotional subscription is 6 months and is collected via direct debit. At the end of the 6 months, the subscription is automatically renewed every month. The notice period is 1 month.

Getting Started

Would you like to participate? That is very simple. Start by applying for a promotional subscription with the button below. Then you can have a promotional measurement carried out. As soon as the measurement is complete, the lamp will be immediately available in the Lamps Portal and the associated measurement report will be linked to your own website. Are you an existing customer and do you already have published measurements? Take a promotional subscription and the already measured lamps that are still up-to-date will automatically be shown on the Lamps Portal. All pre-existing published measurement reports will automatically receive a link to your own website.

Tips and suggestions

We are continuously working on improving the LampsPortal further. If you also have tips or suggestions on how we can further improve these LampsPortal, please let us know via the contact form.

Independence OliNo

The independence of OliNo is extremely valuable to us (and for the sustainable community). We therefore ensure that the LampenPortal has no influence on our independence. The use of lamp promotion does not have any influence on the results of lamp measurements, product reviews and content articles.
We remain critical, objective and independent in providing information on our website. This is also what the sustainable community expects of us.