Biodegradable Packaging Material in Water Test

Posted by Jeroen van Agt in Environment 1 Comment»

verpakking-in-doos-10241We see more and more biodegradable packaging material used in the market. The material can be made from modified starch. On of the main advantages of biodegradable packaging material is that is not based on fossil-fuel plastic but instead made of bio material. This bio material degrades in nature. Using biodegradable packaging material instead of plastic based material can reduce a lot of waste. It is claimed to dissolve in water.  To test this,  we have set up a small test with glass of water and dropped a single biodegradable foam peanut in it. We recorded this on video to see how long it takes to dissolve the foam peanut in water without extra help like spraying water on it or stirring. The result is amazing.