Background measurement data lamp measurement articles

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teaser_expl_lampmeasrepThis article gives the background and explanation of many measurement details and results given in the lamp measurement articles.

From lamp measurement articles links will be used to refer to this explanatory article, and herewith keeping the measurement articles small in length and to-the-point, by preventing the same explanation over and over.

The cost of wind, the price of wind, the value of wind

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001_total_wind_energy_costs_per_unit_of_electricityI’d like to try to clear some of the confusion that surrounds the economics of wind power, as it is often fed and used by the opponents of wind to dismiss it. As I noted recently, even the basic economics of energy markets are often willfully misunderstood by commentators, so it’s worth going in more detail

Overview Lamp Measurements

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Lighting is important in people’s life. It can build a certain atmosphere or break it if not adequate. It can perform well in a working environment or it can totally fail in supporting it when not chosen well Also, it is an important energy consumer when considering halogen and incandescent lamps. Replacers are available, as this overview shows. Note that this is THE source for reliable information about light and light bulb parameters. OliNo performs independent light bulb measurements and publishing and publishes this information on this website for everybody to see.

So now you can save energy and find a good replacer for your energy wasting halogen and incandescent lamps. You can filter on efficacy, beam angle, light output and fitting type to facilitate your choice needed for your specific application.

If your lamp is not yet in the list, we can measure the lamp for your.

This article gives an overview of the lamps that are measured on different lamp parameters. One can look through the table given in this article for a small number of characteristics and a picture of the lamp. Clicking on the link brings you to the respective article.

BigMama, the OliNo lamp measurement tool

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After seven months of work, from Feb 2008 to Aug 2008, she is finally born: BigMama! And it is her enabling OliNo to position accurately and repetitively the lamps that need to be measured. Together with some important other measurement tool this forms a flexible and fully automated test environment where a lot of interesting lamp parameters are measured.