Endurance test IPLED 20x led module on external power supply

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IPLED presents a set of 20 led modules on a power supply.

This lamp has been measured at zero hours (new state) before it went into the endurance test.

This article presents the endurance test results.

Samenvatting meetgegevens

parameter initially after endurance remarks
Color Temperature 6839 K 7652 K Cold white, increased in value.
Luminous Intensity Iv 363.6 Cd 330.0 Cd Went up at beginning and then down
Beam Angle 123 deg 122 deg Almost no variation.
Power P 14.8 W 17.8 W
Power Factor 0.89 0.88 No variation.
Luminous Flux 1151 lm 1033 lm
Luminous Efficacy 63 lm/W 58 lm/W
CRI_Ra 65 66
Coordinates Chromaticity Diagram x=0.3063 and y=0.3306 x=0.2964 and y=0.3166
Measurement Report (PDF) olino-pdf

Test duration and test environment

The lamp went into endurance test on 12 Dec 2010 and the test lasted until 30 Aug 2011.

During this period of time the lamp has seen the following ambient temperature and ambient relative humidity.

Period Oct 2010 – March 2011

Period May 2011 – August 2011

The ambient temperature close to the lamp varied between 3-29 deg C and the relative humidity between 35-80 %.

Variation of lamp parameters

The variation of the lamp parameters during the endurance test.

See the explanation on the OliNo site for more on the test method.

An extrapolation is done to get to the 70 % illuminance value. The illuminance value straight underneath the lamp is expected to be the good indicator of the total luminous flux. When this illuminance drops with 30 % then the luminous flux is expected to drop as well with 30 %. The assumption is here that the beam anlge and the radiation diagram remains the same. This has been checked, see also the initial table.

Extrapolation of the illuminance.

See the explanation on the OliNo site for more explanation and the link to the ASSIST document for the method of extrapolation.

The result is 17,000 hours before the L70 is reached.

Color change

The color change (change in color coordinates) is measured during the test period.

Change in color coordinates during the endurance test.

The color coordinates indicated with the red cross-hairs are the coordinates after 1000 burn hours. These are taken as reference. After 6000 hours the color point gets outside the 4-step McAdams ellipse.

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