Moooi – Endurance test R43 Raimond

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Moooi has put three Raimond R43 led light bulbs into endurance test.

This article presents the endurance test results. The test has run over 25,000 hours.

Summary Measurement Data

parameter initially after 6,000 hrs endurance after 25,500 hrs endurance remarks
Color Temperature 2762 K 2759 K 2735 K No significant change
Luminous Intensity Iv 21.0 Cd 24.9 Cd 23 Cd
Beam Angle 360deg 360 deg 360 deg
Power P 18.6 W 18.0 W 17.1 W
Power Factor 0.67 0.65 0.64
Luminous Flux 264 lm 313 lm* 289 lm** * Measured** Computed, compared illuminance data only
Luminous Efficacy 14.2 lm/W 17.4 lm/W 16.9 lm/W
CRI_Ra 72.1 71.5 71.5
Coordinates Chromaticity Diagram x=0.4621 and y=0.4222 x=0.4630 and y=0.4235 x=0.4620 and y=0.4234

Test duration and test environment

The lamp went into endurance test begin April 2010 and ended on mid Jan 2013.

During this period of time the lamp has seen the following ambient temperature and ambient relative humidity.


Period 15 April 2010 – 17 Jan 2013.



The ambient temperature close to the lamp varied between 6-31 deg C and the relative humidity between 30-80 %.

Variation of lamp parameters

The variation of the lamp parameters during the endurance test.

See the explanation on the OliNo site for more on the test method.

The power and the illuminance decrease slowly. Herewith the lamp parameters of each lamp separately.

An extrapolation to 70 % illuminance level can be done. The decrease in illuminance value is taken as a measure for the lumen depreciation. This is valid as the beam angle is not changed.

Extrapolation of the illuminance.

See the explanation on the OliNo site for more explanation and the link to the ASSIST document for the method of extrapolation.

The result is 32,000 hours for the L70 level (70 %) after 6,000 hours of testing.

The result is 52,000 hours for the L70 level (70 %) after 25,500 hours of testing.

Herewith the results of each lamp sepately.

Lifetime results of each lamp separately.

Each lamp separately, has the following L70 lifetimes (after 6,000 hours testing): 40,000, 27,000, 31,000 hours.

Each lamp separately, has the following L70 lifetimes (after 25,500 hours testing): 66,000, 47,000 and 45,000 hours (na 25,000 hours of testing).

Color change

The color change (change in color coordinates) is measured during the test period. Herewith all three lamps separately.

Change in color coordinates during the endurance test.

The color coordinates indicated with the red cross-hairs are the coordinates after 1000 burn hours. These are taken as reference. After 25,500 hours the color point remains inside the 2-step McAdams ellipse.

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