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storm-pulseThe STORM pulse is a prototype electric motorcycle. We interviewed Yuri Steinbuch of STORM Eindhoven about the STORM Pulse during the electric mobility tradeshow (Ecomobiel) in the Netherlands. Yuri talks about the unique battery pack of the motorcycle and the planned tour of 80 days around the world.


Interview with Yuri Steinbuch

Battery Pack

The battery pack consists of maximum 24 cartridges with a total capacity of 28.5 kWh. The batteries can all be swapped out in 7 minutes. Normal charging takes 8 hours. Fast charging takes 38 minutes.

Unique Battery Pack

Electric Motor

The 70kW Motor


Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 5.0 seconds
Top speed 160 km/h
Range 380 km
Motor Emrax 226
Power (Nominal) 35 kW
Power (Maximum) 70 kW
Torque (Nominal) 120 Nm
Torque (Maximum) 240 Nm
Battery technology Lithium-ion
Capacity (Touring) 28.5 kWh
Capacity (Race) 14.25 kWh
Cartridges (Touring) 24
Cartridges (Race) 12
Swapping time 7 minutes
Charging time 8 hours
Fast Charging time (0-80%) 38 minutes

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Hey Jeroen!

This is awesome, the batteries can now be swapped out in 7 minutes and the good thing is normal charging takes 8hours!I really appreciate the information you have just shared. Thank you!


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