Realtime electricity production in Europe

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Europe energy productionYou can find in this article many links to the real-time production of electricity in country’s all over Europe. Every link contains a lot of information about prices and the kind of production of electricity.

Electricity will be more important in our energy consumption in the nearby future, because of the electrification of our society. The prices of electricity on the market will become more fluctuating in Europe in the next years. High prices in times without a lot of sun and wind, and very low prices at moments of an abundance of sustainable energy and a low demand. More international connections in Europe will be reduce price difference between countries.

Northern Europe

nord-pol Elektricity prices
Nord Pool is Europe’s leading power market, dedicated to simplifying a complex world for our customers regardless of their size or where they trade from. Market-data


Import Export and Hydro overview of the water levels in each reservoir in Norway.If all the reservoirs had been 100% full, this would correspond to 82 TWh.

Germany and Austria

Capacity, Use and Availability of Facilities from gas and power.
Performance of Photovoltaics (PV)


See the electricity production of windmills in Denmark.

United Kingdom

windpower lows marketprices
Offshore windenergy in the UK


elia get more interconnections
With a view to transparency, Elia is providing a set of data about the Belgian electricity market.

The Netherlands

The production of windenergy and forecast in The Netherlands (In Dutch)
Energy production per day. (in Dutch)
Market price of electricity 1 day ahead.
Price of natural gas.
The Dutch Electricity production


This real-time updated dashboard shows the state of the French electricity system and market through a set of indicators. Fundamental information about the day and the upcoming days and weeks can be quickly and easily grasped.

The energy mix for France’s power generation industry is published in real-time, based on telemetry data and estimates. Historical data is also published. This screen shows information relating to the nuclear, gas, coal, oil, hydroelectric, wind, solar and thermal renewable power generation segments. This screen also contains information about pumped-storage and the international electricity import/export balance. It is possible to simultaneously display data for one day up to 8 weeks.


Spain electricity mix
Electricity demand tracking in real time, associated generation mix and CO2 emissions
Along with the graphs, information is shown regarding the different production technologies or generation mix necessary to meet the demand, including the energy to be exported and that corresponding to pumped storage consumption.
In addition, it also shows the CO2 emissions associated to the complete set of power generation facilities on the Spanish peninsula, which represents approximately 28% of the total emissions.


Polish power system.


The Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO or ADMIE)




The Terna Group is the first grid operator for electricity transmission in Europe.
Production plants


All open data power sources

Central collection and publication of electricity generation, transportation, consumption data for the pan-european market.

Swiss and all Europe. Energycharts


Live CO2 emissions of the European electricity production

How much wind was in Europe’s electricity yesterday?


If you have more interesting links of the European energy market let us know in the comments below this article. Thanks.

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Thanks a million Danny for this. Is there any chance you maintain a similar resource for the United States? If you don’t, could you recommend anyone who would provide this level of detail and information?

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